2016/06/12 (Sun) 01:23

Kamenashi Kazuya's new haircut

Looks super handsome with his new haircut! I love him ♡ ฅ( ̳•ω• ̳ฅ)


2016/06/10 (Fri) 12:39

Kazuya Kamenashi cuts his hair for new movie

Today on news is circulating a picture of Kazuya's new short hair for his new movie P to JK :D 

He's hot with any look, so I can handle it~ ;) 

Of course I prefer it longer but, changes are good sometimes :)


2016/05/19 (Thu) 13:45

Kamenashi Kazuya's rent apartment cost

This news came about last year, but wathever!
Today, I was thinking "Where does Kazuya lives?" xD why? I don't know xD So, I was surfing on the internet (eventhought a have a lot of homework to do (´・_・`)) And I saw this:
Supposedly says that Kazuya Kamenashi pays a rent of 1,500,000.00 yens for his apartment . . . (´・______・`) in dollars is like 13,641.39 is that true? I can believe this! Is like, Kame why don't you just buy a house? xD But in the other hand I'm proud of him (´ω`人) because he can afford this kinds of luxuries xD
Lo necesito sacar también en español xD jajajaja
El día de hoy yo estaba muy contenta haciendo mi tarea de macroeconomia, cuando de repente se me atraveso por la cabeza el "Dónde vive Kazuya?" así que pues me puse a buscar como loca, y dejnme decirles, que no encontre ni madres (jajaja) pero! vi una captura de un noticiero que es esta:
En donde decia que Kazuya paga 1,500,000.00 yenes, que en peso mexicano es nada mas y nada menos que la modica cantidad de $251,432.70 . . . Σ(゚д゚lll) realmente me cuesta trabajo creerlo xD es demasiado! Y porque no simplemente Kazuya se compra una casa y deja de pagar renta? No lo entiendo, pero al menos me da gusto que sea una persona muy ricachona y se pueda dar esos lujos (´ω`人) jajajaja

2016/05/10 (Tue) 10:23

P to JK on news

Small report of Kamenashi Kazuya´s new movie P to JK on news

God! I can't wait to see Kazuya in that romantic cop role!ヾ(o´∀`o)ノ
kamenashi kazuya p to jk 1
I think cop uniform suits so good on Kame (´ω`人)
Do you watched Kaito Yamaneko? Well, in that dorama, he dresses as a cop two times, so we can taste how he'll look as a cop (*´∀`人 ♪
kamenashi kazuya cop police policia

2016/05/06 (Fri) 14:23

Kazuya Kamenashi starring in new movie "P to JK"

Good news! Looks like Kame is having a lot of job this days, so happy for him (=゚ω゚)ノ
New movie is called "P to JK" is about a high school girl (Tao Tsuchiya) that falls in love with a cop (Kamenashi Kazuya)
Here's the news photo:
That girl looks too old for the high school girl role xD I mean, is like she's already in her 30's xD
Edit: I was wrong! She's not in her 30's, she is only 21! 3 (almost 4) years younger than me (´・_・`) Damn!

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I like raspberries, tea, color red and purple,rainy days, the moon, the mist, the good music and I have and eccentric taste for blood, nothing weird, I swear!
También hablo español :)

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